A New Year. A New Day. A New Blog.

After reading this post on George Couros’s blog, I decided it was time to step into the blogging as learning community world.  While I’ve tried some blogging in the past, I’ve never stuck with it and never had a real purpose.  This post and others linked within it have given me motivation to give blogging a real shot.

…and this is why teachers should have blogs

On September 24, 2011, in Embodying Visionary Leadership, Leading a Learning Community, by George

I have been a big advocate of blogging for teachers, but not until I started doing it myself.  Personally, I realized that the time I take to sit down and reflect on what I do, what I read, or what I observe has really helped my own path as an educator and an administrator.  Sometimes, for my own clarification, I go back and read my own blog to look at what I have done and how I can continuously work on it to improve. This transparent way of learning is something that I believe can not only improve the teaching profession as a whole (for example, take a look at the conversation on this Pernille Ripp post from today), but is something that could really improve learning for our students.

via …and this is why teachers should have blogs.

In August, I returned to the classroom as a fifth grade teacher after spending the last three years as a district administrator.  The administrative work was focused on assessment and school and district accountability.  So far, the return to the classroom has been invigorating and rewarding…and very hard work.

It’s not that I’m complaining at all, because right now I love my job more than ever.  The challenge for me right now is to design learning experiences for kids that are engaging, rich, and interactive while fitting into the traditional school structure and its current accountability system.

I’ll be reflecting on my experiences, asking for advice, and continuing to grow as an effective educator through this blog.


One thought on “A New Year. A New Day. A New Blog.

  1. For the same reasons, I also started. I found that I was constantly reflecting in my mind…in the car…while running…but all of the sudden getting it down in print caused newer, stronger themes to emerge. Very cool. Looking forward to reading more.

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