Bridging the achievement gap in Bremerton – Bremerton Patriot

Dr. Ron Ferguson will discuss the data collected, analyzing school climate to improve student engagement in order to decrease the achievement gap.

via Bridging the achievement gap in Bremerton – Bremerton Patriot.

It would be nice to see the language change to improving student engagement to improve lives and create lifelong learners. We’re doing this for the students, not the test scores.

I imagine Dr. Ferguson sees test scores and the achievement gap as proxies for improved lives for students. I’d just like to see some student-first language here.


2 thoughts on “Bridging the achievement gap in Bremerton – Bremerton Patriot

  1. thank you for this post that I received through my treasured TAB (teaching for artistic behavior) site. I recently have been more vocal in my school community about being student centered, pressing for student involvement in setting expectations for PBS program we are starting soon. I met resistance that involving students at this level was not supported by research. I challenged the person to present their research and they challenged me to present mine. A research duel at dawn next week is possible, any assistance in my armaments of peace and student empowerment? thank you
    Miriam Marcus

  2. I don’t have research, and I’m sure they don’t have research that will stand up to scrutiny.

    We want to create educational environments in which the greatest number of students can be successful. We have decades of data to show that some students were successful and some were not in the old educational model.

    Students need to be active in and own their learning. Giving them some choice and input validates their role at the center of the school, making it much more likely that a greater percentage of students will buy in to what is going on at school.

    For those who resist moving in this direction, I’d have to ask, “Are we setting up the school for the adults or for the students?”

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