New Address

To have more flexibility, I’m moving my blog to I’ve also changed the name to Point of No Return. This name is to signify that there’s no going back in our instructional approach as we integrate technology to help students prepare of their exciting and unknown futures.

I hope you’ll join me at this new site.


Bridging the achievement gap in Bremerton – Bremerton Patriot

Dr. Ron Ferguson will discuss the data collected, analyzing school climate to improve student engagement in order to decrease the achievement gap.

via Bridging the achievement gap in Bremerton – Bremerton Patriot.

It would be nice to see the language change to improving student engagement to improve lives and create lifelong learners. We’re doing this for the students, not the test scores.

I imagine Dr. Ferguson sees test scores and the achievement gap as proxies for improved lives for students. I’d just like to see some student-first language here.